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Got an interesting story to tell us about your dog? Are you a Skinner's Winner or are you proud of something your dog has achieved?

We'd love to see pictures of your dog whatever they enjoy doing - working, playing, sleeping, being helpful, mischievous or naughty! You may have taken part in a show, field trial, working test, race or championship.

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Bear, Alaskan Malamute, 2 years

Bear has always been hard to feed and things got very serious when she had dropped a serious amount of weight. Thanks to Field & Trail, she is now gaining weight and looks amazing; and she absolutely loves her Muesli Mix!

Owner: Amy Barnes, Hampshire

Favourite product:

Muesli Mix

Cookie, Working Cocker Spaniel, 9 weeks

Cookie is growing healthily thanks to Skinner's Field & Trial Puppy Lamb & Rice.

Owner: Carl, Liverpool

Favourite product:

Puppy Lamb & Rice

Bos, Rough Collie, 4 years

Bos has been a nightmare to feed since a young puppy. He always picked at his food never put weight on. He has since been changed onto Salmon & Rice, which he loves!

Owner: Karen Johnston

Favourite product:

Salmon & Rice

Niamh, English Pointer, 5 years & Ava, English Pointer, 9 years

Niamh and Ava were originally on Duck & Rice but have since moved onto Salmon & Rice. They love this food! People always comment on how well they look and how shiny and soft their coats are. Some of these people have even changed their dogs onto this food! I recommend this food 100% and will always feed my dogs it, thank you Skinner's!

Owner: Kerry, Barnsley

Favourite product:

Salmon & Rice

Carrie, Springer Spaniel, 2 weeks old

Carrie is two weeks old in this picture. She's growing on Mum's milk, but will be weaned onto Skinner's Puppy when she is old enough. Her mum loves Skinner's Working 23 so much!

Owner: Sue, Devon

Favourite product:

Puppy Duck & Rice

Maisy, Working Cocker Spaniel

Maisy has always been powered by Skinner's and is doing great because of it!

Owner: Graham, Northampton

Favourite product:

Duck & Rice