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Got an interesting story to tell us about your dog? Are you a Skinner's Winner or are you proud of something your dog has achieved?

We'd love to see pictures of your dog whatever they enjoy doing - working, playing, sleeping, being helpful, mischievous or naughty! You may have taken part in a show, field trial, working test, race or championship.

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Mylo, Wire Haired Jack Russell and he's 3.5yrs

I rescued Mylo a few months ago from being put into the dog home.
His owners just had a baby and didn't have the time for him any more.
He was quite timid when I first got him but he soon came out of his shell.
He loves his walks and play time and he's very much a lap dog when it's time to relax.
We feed him Life Adult. I love him so much he's my family.

Owner: Jenn Seebode from Glasgow

Favourite product:

Life Adult

Lab German Shepherd cross, 2 years old

For a big dog he is so gentle and loves to play. I always said no to a dog till eventually my son aged 24 asked if he could get a dog, we agreed and truly now we wouldn’t be without him.
We feed him Field & Trial Crunchy which he thrives on.

Owner: Andrea Brown Northern Ireland

Favourite product:


Bear French Mastiff 17 weeks

I have been reading up on mastiffs for two years, I’m now the proud owner of one of the most docile dogs ever to be born
Bear. I feed him Life Puppy and he loves it.

Owner: Louise london

Favourite product:

Life Puppy

Lou Lou, staff 9 years old, pixie boo, 5 years old chihuahua

These two have been together for 5 years they do everything together.
Including eating their favourite food Field & Trial Chicken & Rice.

Owner: Linda Kent

Favourite product:

Chicken & Rice

Benji, Beagle Harrier, 1 years old

He likes to bite a lot of things! However Field & Trial Chicken & Rice is his favourite thing to gnaw on.

Owner: Jodie Melia Wednesbury

Favourite product:

Chicken & Rice

Fizz, Lucy & Millie, WCS & SS ages 3, 2, & 1

Fizz, Lucy and Millie enjoying the water in sunny Aviemore this summer. All love the new Field & Trial Grain Free Chicken & Sweet Potato, can’t get enough of it.

Owner: Ian & Karen Main, Aberdeen

Favourite product:

Grain Free – Chicken & Sweet Potato