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Got an interesting story to tell us about your dog? Are you a Skinner's Winner or are you proud of something your dog has achieved?

We'd love to see pictures of your dog whatever they enjoy doing - working, playing, sleeping, being helpful, mischievous or naughty! You may have taken part in a show, field trial, working test, race or championship.

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Moss, Spaniel, 5 years

Moss, who is fed on Field & Trial Salmon & Rice is like most spaniels, and loves the outdoors! It's too cold to keep the back door open, so he sits with his back to me so he can pretend he can’t hear me calling him in.

Owner: Justin Griffiths, Herefordshire

Favourite product:

Salmon & Rice

Bambi, Pug, 2 years

Bambi had a terrible ulcer in both eyes and was really off her food. We had a trial pack arrive from Skinner's and I thought I’d give it a go to see if she would eat them, and she absolutely loved the little nuggets! She would even sit to have her drops put in.

Owner: Abbi, North Yorkshire

Favourite product:

Skinner’s Field & Trial Junior

Robin, English Springer Spaniel, 18 months

Robin and her Mum Coco are fed on Field & Trial Crunchy, fuelling them for their daily beach trips in Cornwall!

Owner: Mike, Cornwall

Favourite product:


Bobby, Tri Border Collie, 5 years

Bobby is a rescue Tri Border Collie who loves a game of fetch and football, and also enjoys attending agility and flyball classes. His favourite food is Skinner's Field & Trial Lamb & Rice, giving him the energy he needs for these activities.

Owner: Karen, Stockport

Favourite product:

Lamb & Rice

Chip, Cocker Spaniel Cross, 1 year

Chip is our beautiful rescue boy. He is a Cocker Spaniel crossed with a Jug, we’ve had him since he was 9 months old and he will be 2 in March. He goes to work every day with my partner who is a tree surgeon, fuelled on Field & Trial Duck & Rice, Chip absolutely loves life running around the customer’s gardens and meeting new doggy pals!

Owner: Pip Brouwer, Alcester, Warwickshire

Favourite product:

Duck & Rice

Albert, Drakeshead Labrador, 18 months

Albert is my daughter's therapy dog who is fed on Life Junior, and is doing brilliantly because of it. He licks away the tears and soothes her fears. He’s a loving and caring dog, although slightly nuts at times; he’s made us all feel blessed to have him.

Owner: Jade, Ascot

Favourite product:

Life Junior