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Got an interesting story to tell us about your dog? Are you a Skinner's Winner or are you proud of something your dog has achieved?

We'd love to see pictures of your dog whatever they enjoy doing - working, playing, sleeping, being helpful, mischievous or naughty! You may have taken part in a show, field trial, working test, race or championship.

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Gemma, Terrier Mix

Gemma is a little "pocket rocket" fuelled on Field & Trial Chicken & Rice. She’s forever at her owner's side, keeping her company on all of her trail runs (apart from when it's raining!). Gemma's favourite place is the beach, where she loves a game of fetch and digging hole after hole.

Owner: Emily Spark, North Yorkshire

Favourite product:

Chicken & Rice

Merlin, German Shorthaired Pointer, 3 years

Merlin is a bit of a handful, but is looking well from being fed on Skinner's Field & Trial!

Owner: Ian Bevan

Favourite product:

Muesli Mix

Bruce, Labrador, 5 years

Bruce loves the fresh sea air. He also loves his Field & Trial Salmon & Rice! Being a Labrador Retriever, Bruce enjoys being in the water and going for a swim; powered by Skinner's Field & Trial!

Owner: Jean Smith

Favourite product:

Salmon & Rice

Pip, Working Cocker Spaniel, 2 years

Pip is an Explosive Search dog. She has been on Field & Trial Muesli Mix since I got her, and absolutely loves it; giving her enough energy to search the entire day even if her handler is falling behind. It's a great food and she recieves constant comments off people on how well she looks.

Owner: Lee Barnard, Scunthorpe

Favourite product:

Muesli Mix

Maggie, Working Cocker Spaniel, 4 years

Maggie loves Skinner's Maintenance, it keeps her in fantastic condition as she trains a lot as a gundog. She picks up all year round, and goes beating later in the year; meaning she is a busy girl. My vet recently asked me what she was fed, he said she and our other dog Eider were a credit to us and were in the best condition he had seen in a long time.

Owner: Elizabeth Szonyi, Burton-upon-Stather

Favourite product:


Bertie, Labrador, 10 weeks old

This is Bertie who is now 10 weeks old. He has just joined the Skinner's family and the Hall family. He lives with Granny Lily (10 years and just retired from working), Mummy Zummer (5 years) and big sister Rosie (2 years). They all love Skinner's and have been brought up on Field & Trial. Bertie is eager to learn and we are hoping he is going to be a great gun dog just like his Mummy, Grandma and big sister.

Owner: Nikki Hall

Favourite product:

Puppy Duck & Rice