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Skinner’s support graduate through Internship

We are proud to welcome Zoe Russell to Skinner’s, a first-class honours graduate in Animal Biology from Nottingham Trent University; who has joined us as part of a six-week internship scheme.

Zoe’s internship is part-sponsored by Santander and is part of the Santander Universities SME Internship Scheme, launched in 2012. She is working alongside our Canine Nutritional Consultant, Dr Jacqueline Boyd. This will give Zoe a feel for the company and the opportunity for her to help Jacqueline with nutrition queries and questions.

Having joined us on the 6th August, Zoe will be with us for 6 weeks. Zoe is known as an Intern Graduate Nutrition Officer, where she is managing a new project with Skinner’s with the idea of eventually launching it. She is also creating nutrition resources for our customers, along with answering customer’s questions and giving them nutritional advice.

In the past, Zoe has worked in kennels and stables. She has been a course representative and has even volunteered with various animal charities. She is the proud owner of a 7-year-old Cavachon, Alfie.

Zoe also loves swimming, travelling, running, dog walks, horse riding and art. When asked if she had any interesting facts about herself, she told us that she has white water rafted along the river Nile, has trekked amongst wild gorillas in the Virunga mountains, she has tracked wild wolves, lynx and bears in the Beskidy mountains and used to ride in the Royalist cavalry in civil war re-enactments!

We wish Zoe all the best as she works with us at Skinner’s and look forward to seeing the work that she produces for us.