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Dr Jacqueline Boyd


In-house Nutritional Consultant



Dr Jacqueline Boyd has been the in-house Canine Nutritional Consultant for Skinner’s Pet Foods since joining the team in June 2018. Jacqueline originally studied Zoology, followed by an MSc in Animal Nutrition in 1998; graduating with a distinction in 1999. She then went on to gain a Ph.D. in Genetics/Molecular Parasitology at the University of Aberdeen. She has also spent 11 years as a Senior Lecturer in Animal and Equine Science; her background education, research and teaching interests include nematology, molecular genetics, animal nutrition, companion animal biology, human-animal interactions, performance animal biology and educational developments and approaches, especially linked to Humane Educations.

During Jacqueline’s university studies, she acquired extensive practical experience of applying nutrition science in a practical setting, specifically with companion, domestic and production species; including dairy cattle, pigs, horses, laboratory animals along with dogs, cats and other small companion species. Since then, she has taught, advised and personally applied nutritional science, with an increasing speciality and interest in Canine Nutrition.

As a Nutritional Consultant, Jacqueline spends her day reviewing the ingredients and production of Skinner’s Pet Foods. She often consults, providing nutritional advice to suppliers, stockists and dog owners. Jacqueline continually educates the employees at Skinner’s through regular training workshops, ensuring that the team are up to date with information; preparing them to give nutritional advice to customers themselves. She is also a guest speaker at a whole range of events throughout the UK and overseas.

Jacqueline is involved with The Kennel Club as the Chair of Activities, Health & Welfare and a member of the Dog Health group. She is the proud owner of 4 Working Cocker Spaniels, all of whom are fed on Skinner’s Field & Trial. She works her dogs in agility in the summer months, and then uses them for beating and picking up in the season.

Jacqueline has always had a passion for animals. She wants to improve animal welfare, and the relationships between humans and animals. She loves that her personal interests and hobbies link with her day job.

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