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Dr Jacqueline Boyd


In-house Nutritional Consultant



Everyone loves a puppy and here at Skinner’s, we are no exception. We are passionate about helping both breeders and new puppy owners make great choices for their new additions. Given the lifespan of the average dog is about 13-14 years, those early days, weeks and months are critical from a nutrition point of view to make sure early growth and development supports a long and healthy adulthood. So, how can Skinner’s help you have the most perfect puppy?

Early nutrition

Supporting a long, healthy adult life actually starts even before birth! We recognise that great nutrition of the mum-to-be, is as important (if not more important in some cases!) as feeding growing puppies.

Skinner’s support and guide breeders as to which diets might be great choices for breeding dogs and bitches, and when nutrition changes might need to be made. Typical advice is that from about week five of pregnancy, a canine mum-to-be should be gradually moved onto a diet with increased levels of key nutrients, to support the final stages of pregnancy, birth and early lactation. Skinner’s Field & Trial Puppy, Puppy Duck and Rice or Puppy Lamb and Rice are ideal options, or for those ladies who are still active and/or carrying large litters, Field & Trial Superior is worth looking at too!


Once the puppies are born, for the first three weeks or so, they rely solely on their mum’s milk for nourishment, and this is why feeding mum well is so important. As weaning starts (usually from about three weeks of age) the food intake of mum can be gradually reduced while the puppies start to try some solid food. The Skinner’s Field & Trial Puppy range is ideal for feeding puppies from weaning to about 6 to 18 months of age (depending on the individual dog, their size, breed and activity level) and can be easily soaked for very young puppies, to make a mash of porridge consistency.

We want to ensure puppies have the best start in their new homes, therefore we run a “Puppy Pack Scheme” for breeders. All a breeder needs to do is, sign up their new litters via and we will send out packs that include a 2.5kg bag of puppy food for the new owners. We recognise that the move to a new home can be stressful and sometimes result in upset digestive systems, so keeping a puppy’s diet consistent can be an easy way to minimise any issues.

We don’t just feed puppies! Whether you are thinking about breeding, getting a new puppy or just have any other nutrition queries, our experienced and friendly nutrition team are on hand to help – we would be delighted to hear from you!

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