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About Puppy Packs

For many years, breeders have recognised that Skinner's puppy foods give their puppies the very best start in life, and promote slow, steady growth whilst helping maintain a healthy digestive system.

Skinner's puppy foods have been specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of puppies from weaning right through their first and most crucial stages of development.

Skinner's Puppy Packs are available free of charge to breeders who use and recommend Skinner’s foods. When your puppies are ready to leave for their new homes we supply you with a Puppy Pack for each of them to give to their new owner.

Our Puppy Pack Scheme is only available to breeders registered on our Scheme.

HenryWest Highland Terrier puppy

I have been a member Skinner's Puppy Pack Scheme for years, it provides the best possible start for all puppies and their new owners

Weaned on Skinner'sPuppy Lamb & Rice

How it Works


Sign up to Skinner's Puppy Pack Scheme. Simply fill in the registration form, detailing litter size, breed, weaning food and whelping date.


Once we have received notification and approved your registration we will send you your puppy packs. Puppy Pack should be given to the new owner of a pup.


When a puppy has left your care to go to a new home, use the puppy sold form, tell us about the lucky new owner and which Skinner's food it has been weaned on.

What's Included
  • 2.5kg bag of food which the puppy has been weaned on

  • A voucher for £2.50 off your next purchase of a 15kg bag of Skinner's food

  • A measuring cup to help them feed the correct amount of food - view feeding guide

  • Skinner's product brochure!

Puppy Pack Registration

If you are a breeder and would like to take part in out Puppy Pack Scheme, please register by filling in the registration form.

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